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Yoga & Pilates Studio Management Software

Get a handle on your studio class schedule the easy way. ScheduleBliss does all the work of organizing and managing your studio for you. Streamline your class check-ins, accept credit cards, track attendance, and sell passes online.

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Who's Using ScheduleBliss?

"The best online tool for studio management." "I highly recommend this clean interfaced and user-friendly program." "Manage your studio like a pro."
"As a new and growing studio, I love the personalized attention I get from ScheduleBliss!" "After searching everywhere, I found the perfect fit with ScheduleBliss - easy, affordable, and convenient." "We love managing our studio with ScheduleBliss! "

The ScheduleBliss Story

My name is Chris van der Merwe and this story may sound quite familiar to anyone who runs their own studio. When I started out as a small, but growing Yoga studio owner, I suddenly became very busy and realized how important it is to keep within a budget.

I became frustrated with the complexity and time it took to accomplish even simple tasks using the available studio management software offerings, not to mention the fact that I thought that they were really over-priced.

I decided to use my 15 years previous experience (yes, I had a life before Yoga!) in I.T. to give myself and other studios, the studio management software we always wanted.

I was looking for something that would be simple and intuitive, focus on the studio management tasks that were most important - client check-ins and attendance, class pass sales, accepting credit card sales, tracking studio credits and memberships, and of course, it had to be affordable.

I created ScheduleBliss out of my need for a simple, easy to use, and convenient way to manage my studio and I hope that you will love using it as much as I have loved making it!

Learn to Use ScheduleBliss!

Using ScheduleBliss is easy, quick and perhaps most importantly, fun! We're always adding new features to ScheduleBliss, so be sure to check out our videos for the latest additions.

Features makes managing your Yoga studio a breeze by providing easy and convenient:

Pricing - $39 Per Month

I wanted the pricing for ScheduleBilss to be as simple to understand as the software is to use. So, what was I looking for in studio management software? Well, I wanted the best studio software at the best price, no contracts and commitments, certainly no hidden charges or extra costs for additional features! So, that's what I'd like to pass on! * Per location
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