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Creating Session Types

Before you can list a service on your schedule, you will need to create it as a session type. This applies to all sessions including Classes, Events and Appointments.

To Create Session Types:

  1. Click on Schedule in the ScheduleBliss menu to open the Schedule Manager.
  2. Click the drop-down menu + Click to Schedule on the top left hand side of the screen.
  3. Select Classes and click the Go button. This will open up the Classes Manager.
  4. Select + Create New Classes Type and enter the information in the table below.
  5. Click Add Classes Type to save each class type. You can add additional class types consecutively before adding them to the schedule or you can immediately schedule the class type you just created.
Setting Description
Name Enter the class name here.
Level You can enter information about the class level here.
Description You can enter a description of the class here.

Editing a Session Type

Once you have added a classes type to the classes manager, you can select the gray Edit button to the right of the class name to make adjustments. You can adjust the name, level, or description as well as change the program for the session, then select Update to save.

Setting Description
Name You can edit the class name here.
Program You can change the program by selecting your new choice from the drop-down menu.
Level You can edit the information about the class level here.
Description You can edit the description of the class here.


Follow the same steps to create or edit Events Types and Appointment Types, this time selecting Events or Appointments in the + Click to Schedule drop-down menu.