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Editing Pass Start & Ending Validity Dates

Passes are what your clients use to access your services. Additionally, each pass has a Valid From and a Valid Until setting. These two settings define the date from which the pass can be used to access your services and the date until which it can be used for your services.


Both the Valid From and Valid Until dates are very important; . As an example, consider the scenario where your business would like to offer a special discounted pass next month which will grant clients that purchase it access to your services for the whole month. You will more than likely want to offer clients the opportunity to purchase the pass in advance, so in this scenario it would be important to set the Valid From date to the beginning of next month and the Valid Until date to the end of next month.

When you sell or issue a pass to a client, the Valid From and Valid Until dates for that pass will be automatically set according to the settings you chose for that pass when it was created in the Pass Type Manager screen. However, you can adjust the Valid From and Valid Until dates of any pass in a client's account ay any point. This is especially useful in the case that you wish to allow check-in or reservations on that pass for classes prior to or following the default valid dates. You can also invalidate a pass if you no longer wish for it to be available for use.

Possible scenarios wher you would need to edit a paass:

  • You would like to check a client into a session that occured before the date of purchase for a pass. Such as clients that pay for services after they have occured etc.
  • You would like to give a client an extended length of time to use a pass that they purchased. Such as clients needing extensions for illness, pregnancy and other circumstances etc.
  • You would like to shorten the length of time that a client's pass. Such as unpaid services, refunded and partially refunded services, violations of your terms of service etc.

Editing a Pass and Changing the Validity Dates:

  1. Open the Client Profile by typing their name in the Client Search Box.
  2. Select Attendance.
  3. Select Edit next to the pass.
  4. Enter the new Valid From or Valid Until dates.
  5. Select Save.

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