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All active service items, products and gift cards are available via Sales.

To make a transaction for a service item, product or gift card:

  1. Click on Sales in the menu to open a new transaction.
  2. Enter the client's name and select the location if applicable.
  3. Select the item type you wish to add then select Add next to the item of your choice.
  4. The item will appear set to its default settings. You can adjust the settings first or immediately select Add Item.
  5. Select Add Payment Method in the point of sale.
  6. Select Add next to the payment method of your choice then select Apply in the pop up box.
  7. Select Email Receipt or Print Receipt if you would like to send a receipt, then select Finalize Transaction.

Adjusting a Sales Transaction

While adding an item to a sale will automatically default to the settings you have set for each, you can make adjustments before completing the sale.

When adding a Service Item, you can adjust the price and quantity as well as add a discount or adjust whether the item is taxable.

If you would like the pass to be issued without charge, you can set the price to $0 and skip adding a payment method.

In the case of one client making a purchase for another, you can change who receives the pass by entering the recipient's name in Purchased For.

If you would like a pass to be available for use for dates prior to or following the default pass setting, you can adjust the Valid From and Valid Until dates of the pass as well.